Personal Financial Learning Game for Banco Galicia
Game Design


January 2019


Banco Galicia

The Problem

Banco Galicia approached us and posed the following challenge: How can we teach young people more about personal finance?

The Solution

We develop a role-playing video game that allows young people to choose a character that resembles their socioeconomic characteristics. Depending on the character that choose their income and expenses vary. The goal of the game is for players to save enough to buy a computer. During cycles they must make financial decisions that will determine whether they can achieve their objective or not.

Understanding Users

We develop multiple characters with different socioeconomic factors. In this way players can choose between a character that works, studies or performs both. According to this characteristic they will receive different income and will have different levels of expenditure.


Unlimited Posibilities

The game was design with multiple random variables in mind, so each time you play it the outcome is different.